HySunshineArt.com: Suzanne S. Decker

HySunshineArt.com : Suzanne S. Decker


Original paintings, commissions and reproductions

All prints are done in Giclée on Canvas reproduction for the Oil Paintings. Paper reproduction is used for the Watercolors and Acrylic Paintings. They are unframed and are mailed to you in a safety tube. All reproductions are personally inspected by the artist herself and then signed.


A giclée reproduction is produced from a digitally scanned electronic file of an original work, using continuous-tone inkjet technology to print on a variety of surfaces. Many artists – particularly those who wish to sell limited-edition prints in higher-end markets – prefer giclée as their reproduction method of choice, given that the technology yields nearly flawless color representaion and seamless transitions (traces of the production process are virtually invisible). Also, giclées can often be printed on the same archival materials used to create the original (for example, canvas or museum-quality acid free watercolor paper), thus giving the printed image much of the same character and texture. Among the more well-known artists selling giclées today are Jamie Wyeth, David Hockney, Chuck Close, Joyce Tennyson and Richard Avedon.

Click the thumbnails at left to see to see larger version with dimensions and price. You can choose the dimension of your artwork.

Enjoy your artwork or original!

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